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DRTV: Still the best-kept secret in advertising.


Jon Schulberg receiving Infomercial of the Year award for Personal Power with Tony Robbins

I saw my first long form infomercial back in 1986, right after President Reagan deregulated the commercial airwaves, allowing marketers to buy up to 30 minutes of air time to sell their product. The infomercial was terrible. As an advertising vehicle, it was disjointed, and as television programming, it was boring. Despite these shortcomings, it was making a ton of money. I was intrigued.

I was convinced that if I combined network quality production standards with sophisticated direct selling techniques I could turn the long form infomercial format into a powerful mass marketing tool. At last, here was a way to use television as an advertising medium that gave the seller time to tell their “story” while providing the buyer with the information they needed to make an educated purchasing decision.

It turns out I was ahead of the curve. Today, smart marketers are realizing that the old way of advertising and selling products on television isn’t working as well as it used to. Fiercer competition, flashier production values, skyrocketing media costs, hard-to-measure results and savvier consumers have combined to turn spot TV advertising from a sure-fire undertaking into a high-stakes crapshoot. For over two decades, we’ve proven that DRTV represent a sensible solution.

And today, DRTV intersects perfectly with the Internet. We’re experts in what we call the “Ad to Cart” business. We know how to create attention getting TV ads which drive viewers to carefully crafted website which converts these browsers into buyers. Knowing how to get today’s discerning consumers all the way to the cart checkout action step is an art and a science. We’re masters of this persuasion process.

At Schulberg MediaWorks, I’ve assembled a team of bright creatives and savvy marketers who share my passion for delivering work that works. We hope with a little more information from us, you’ll want us to work for you too.


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