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Our Unique Pay-For-Performance Model

As your direct response partners, we earn our keep

For over 25 years we’ve structured most of our deals on a risk/reward basis. We operate with an “earn our keep” philosophy and our clients see us as their partners (not vendors) with a vested interest in long-term success. We only take on carefully selected clients. We have to believe in the product, and when we do, SMW puts our skin in your game.

This usually means that we reduce or cap our “above the line” creative fees in exchange for some kind of performance-based compensation. This can take the form of a commission on sales, bonuses paid on hitting pre-agreed targets or a percentage of media spend.

In this model, SMW works on a 100% transparent, “true cost” basis for all below-the-line budget items. Unlike most other companies in our industry, we’re not incentivized to increase the production costs. We do not pad costs and pocket the profits. We want to deliver the most bang for your buck with everything disclosed in black and white.

The SMW’s Ad-to-CartTM Paradigm Shift

The ways in which consumers view media, hunt for information and make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically since SMW became a trailblazer in DRTV. Times have changed and once again SMW is leading the way with a direct marketing paradigm shift..

SMW’s Ad-to-CartTM selling methodology works by strategically inter connecting persuasive advertising with a dynamic conversion centric eCommerce experience.

Our TV and digital ads are created in concert with web site and microsite development. They represent a symbiotic, “closed loop” selling system. The ads drives the traffic. The web site welcomes customers and directs them through a best practices process designed to maximize conversions.

A critical lever in this conversion process is what we have branded as “Dot-SpotsTM. These are specially designed web videos, distinct from TV spots that use proven persuasion techniques to “tip the sale” and motivate the customer to take action at the critical shopping cart stage.

The results can be profound. This combination of the TV experience with the online purchase experience makes our Ad-to-CartTM model a proven pathway to higher web conversion and increased sales.

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